The work on the Utrechtsebaan is almost over. It should all be ready after June. Until then, there are detours for people driving out of the city. Friday 13 until Monday 16 In May an extra tour is closed.

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You can use the A

during the work on the do enter The Hague via that highway and also exit 3 at Bezuidenhout is usually open. Except for a few weekends.


Until June 2022 there are detours to drive out of The Hague . Starting Friday 13 May 22. hours to Monday

May 00.05 o’clock in the morning is also the part (out of town) up to and including ramp 3 at Bezuidenhout locked. The same goes for next weekend; 22 May to 23 May.

Diversion Utrechtsebaan Municipality of The Hague

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  • Take a detour: the Gravenstraat and the Buitenhof will be open in the near future

The white stripes that passers-by saw on the sidewalk and the road surface in the last few weeks are in the Gravenstraat and…

    Note: this f somethingpath is being refreshed and closed for a while

    Note: tram 05 drives a different route for a while