Spring is in full swing and it’s the perfect time for a day trip. You can do that as a tourist in your own city, but a trip to an amusement park is also an idea. Does that second sound like music to your ears? Then there is good news: indebuurt is giving away six times a gift voucher worth 75 euros for a day at the amusement park.

Via the ‘Day out gift voucher‘ you can go to amusement and holiday park Slagharen, but Movie Park Germany is also an option. You can decide for yourself where and when you go to an amusement park. Nice for the Whitsun weekend, for example!

This is how you can win

A total of six vouchers will be raffled off in the neighbourhood. can spend at an amusement park of your choice. Make a chance? Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt The Hague. You will then automatically participate in the giveaway and will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from The Hague. Have you already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, you can still participate in the promotion. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters. You can participate until 75 May. †

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