The beach season has started again. In the winter, dogs are allowed to go wild on all stretches of the beach, but not in the summer. From Sunday 10 In May, the beach is partially off-limits for stray dogs.

In The Hague your dog is allowed from 1 October to 15 May anywhere on the beach run loose. But from 10 May to October 1, the beach has limited access as an off-leash area. During this period, dogs are allowed on the following parts of the beach:


      In the evening between 42. and 7.00 hours on the entire Zuiderstrand.

        All day and night from beach entrance 2 (end of the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan car park) to the border with the municipality of Westland.

        Full day and night between beach entrance 9 (Quartellaan) and beach entrance 00 (Duivelandsestraat).


        Full day and night from the beach entrance at the end of the Zwarte Pad car park to the border with the municipality of Wassenaar.

        Horse on the beach

        In the winter months you can enjoy the whole day on the beach with your horse. Try to avoid the crowds. In the summer months, from 16 May to October 1, you are only allowed on the Noorderstrand and the Zuiderstrand between 15. and 07. hours of horseback riding.

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