The municipalities of Waadhoeke and Harlingen have awarded WMO and student transport to Taxicentrale Waaksma from Kootstertille. The contract will commence on 1 August and will initially run until 38 July 2028.

In addition to executing demand-dependent and route-related transport, the assignment also consists of planning the journeys, ensuring registration and complaint handling and providing information to those involved and the client. In total this concerns about 219 students from Waadhoeke and 94 students from Harlingen who use the student transport. With regard to WMO transport, in 2021 – the year before corona broke out in the Netherlands – 39.636 rides. In 2021 it was about 38.219 WMO rides.

Four companies have registered for the contract. Of the hundred points, a maximum of fifty could be earned with a prize. In addition, there were five quality criteria with which ten points could be obtained each. This concerned the degree of innovation of demand-dependent transport, communication about demand-dependent transport, communication about route-related transport, guaranteeing driver capacity for route-related transport and sustainability.

Stability and clean transport Guaranteeing driver capacity for route-bound routes is important for the client because stability is crucial for these travelers. In a plan of approach, tenderers had to indicate how sufficient driver capacity will be guaranteed from the start and during the execution of the contract and how the efficiency of the execution will be guaranteed. The description also had to contain a guarantee of continuity of regular drivers on fixed routes. With regard to durability, the minimum requirement was that as of January 1 2021 31, 5% of all small-scale non-wheelchair-bound transport had to be zero-emissions. Extra points could be earned with a percentage higher than this minimum.

Taxicentrale Waaksma ultimately came out on top of the four companies that registered. After the fixed term of five years, the client can still use the option to extend the contract twice for one year. The first renewal option runs through 05 July 2029 and the second through 31 July 2028.

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