Most of us still work for a while before retiring. How do you check whether you have arranged your old age properly? And what should you pay attention to now, even if you are still young? provides a quick and easy answer.

When you stop working, round you 67e or somewhat later, you are entitled to an AOW benefit from the government. If you have a job, you often also have a pension through your employer. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

The largest amount of money of your life

On average get everyone in the Netherlands, who has had a job, around the 696.000 euros in pension paid out in his or her lifetime. So it is a lot of money. Besides buying a house, your pension is for most people the largest amount of money you will have to deal with in your life. You build it up when you have a job with a boss who has arranged a pension for you. That is not the case everywhere, but fortunately it is with most employers. Good to check if you’re not sure!

Automatically build up pension

If you build up a pension through your work, this is automatic. You pay the premium together with your employer (he also pays). The part that you pay yourself is deducted from your gross salary. So you don’t have to worry about that. Your pension fund invests your pension money and ensures that your pension grows. The largest part of your pension will ultimately come from the income from the investments.

Agreements about your pension are laid down in the Collective Labor Agreement

How much pension you will receive depends mainly on your salary. How much pension you will receive and how much you and your employer pay for it is determined in the collective labor agreement for your company or field of work. Employers and trade unions make these agreements together. It may be helpful to ask about this when applying for a new job. This way you know exactly what to expect.

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Is extra savings necessary or not?

Would you like to know how much pension you have built up to now? You can easily check this on Here you see an overview of what you already have and what you can expect if you continue to work in your current job until you retire. It is useful to occasionally check how much that is and whether it matches what you had in mind. If not, you might be able to save some extra. The sooner you start doing that, the less you have to set aside each month.

Pension changes with your life

How high your pension depends on the choices you make in your life. For example, your pension changes if you get another job with a higher or lower salary. When you start working as a self-employed person, you have to arrange everything yourself. Also your pension. And are you getting married, living together or getting a divorce? Even then, something changes. At all those moments it is wise to check what this means for your pension. And whether you should take action yourself. You will find everything at a glance at

Check now how much pension you will receive later

Certainly know that you can enjoy your old age? Even then it is important to occasionally check your pension or listen to the 20190522 podcasts. Especially when something in your life changes. Log in with your DigiD at 20190522 and see if you are on track. You can also see which pension fund you belong to. You can always go there with all your questions. They are ready for you. †


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