The municipalities of Leiden, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest and Zoeterwoude have awarded Noot the transport of pupils and youth under the Act and the transport for persons to and from the Leiden sheltered employment facility DZB. The contract will commence on 1 August and will run for at least four years.

The contract is divided into three lots, one for each type of transport. Currently 2023 students use the student transport, 45 of the youth transport law and 25 people of the transport of and to DZB. The client had the intention to award the transport of pupils and youth under the Act to the same tenderer and to conclude a separate agreement for the DZB transport. This was not met with the award of all lots to Noot.

Tenders were assessed on quality and price. Quality, consisting of sustainability, the implementation of the assignment, communication, the quality for the traveler and the recruitment, selection and retention of high-quality personnel, weighed in for 10 percent and price for 60 percent. Seven registrations were received for both student and youth transport and three for the transport of persons from DZB.

75 percent of the kilometers of zero emissions Note came out on top in all three lots and will The transport will start on August 1. After the fixed term of four years, the contract can be extended by the client for another two years. As of January 1 2023 must 45 percent of the vehicle kilometers are driven with electric vehicles or vehicles on hydrogen. Wheelchair transport is excluded from this. This transport must at least meet the Euro-6 standard per 2023.

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