The beach season has started again. There are twenty flags along our entire coast to warn beachgoers and swimmers of an unsafe sea. Furthermore, the posts of the lifeguards are manned again. There is a main post at Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

This is what the beach flags mean:

Orange windsock: You can enjoy paddling and swimming. But do not use an inflatable flamingo, crocodile or boat because there is a risk of drifting due to the wind.

Yellow flag: It is dangerous to swim. You can still do it, but there is a risk. Pay particular attention to children.

Red flag: That seems clear to us, forbidden to swim or to bathe. Just don’t get to the sea.

Red-and-yellow flag: There’s always a tricky one. That’s the red-yellow flag. It is actually a very good flag, because an area between two of these colorful flags is a guarded zone. So lifeguards keep watch here. Furthermore, water sports are prohibited in this zone.

Black and white checkered flag: Between two of these flags, you do practice water sports.

Flag with a question mark: No, that’s not a joke. This flag indicates that a child has been found.

Beach app

Did you know that there is even a handy beach app? You can download it here and for the iPhone here. The app works via GPS and you can see, for example, where the nearest beach post is and whether it is safe to swim.

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