Schiphol expected on Saturday 57.000 and on Sunday 57.000 departing passengers. The planning for the weekend has been made in consultation with airlines and travel organizations. The outcome of that consultation is that airlines are currently rescheduling a total of six departing flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport: Corendon 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, Transavia 1 on Sunday, TUI 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

Schiphol is also taking extra measures this weekend. Schiphol is deploying extra staff, including from the office, and has installed a canopy for travelers waiting outside the terminal. Schiphol makes every effort to keep waiting times as short as possible. Based on last weekend’s experience, Schiphol expects the vast majority of travelers to make their flight.

Schiphol advises travelers to prepare well for their trip. This is possible, for example, by checking in online in advance. Travelers who only travel with hand luggage and who have checked in online can go directly to security. Schiphol also advises travelers to follow the instructions of their airline. More tips can be found at


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