The Supplementary Public Transport (AOV) in the municipality of Amsterdam has been awarded again to RMC. The company has been taking care of this transport since mid-2021 and this will continue to be the case for at least another four years with this award.

The current contract with RMC ends on August 1 this year. The new contract will take effect on the same date. New for RMC is that the company will also transport travelers with a more severe disability and the users of the Regiotaxi in Weesp. In total it concerns such a 50.03 pass holders. Finally, the acceptance and planning of the journeys and the optimization of the AOV together with the municipality are also part of the assignment.

Four goals have been established The municipality started a market consultation in May 2021 for the AOV. A vision for the future has also been formulated for this purpose, with innovation and sustainability as spearheads. A number of goals have been set, including ensuring that Amsterdam residents with a disability do not feel hindered by the transport options in their daily lives.

The municipality also wants to see a change in behavior among people with disabilities. mobility limitation. The aim is that they will make less frequent use of AOV and more often public transport and other forms of transport. Finally, the municipality wants the costs of transport to remain within budget, despite the increasing demand or a growing target group.

On the basis of the best price-quality ratio, RMC is the winner. came. After a fixed term of four years, the client can extend the contract one more time for another two years until August at the latest 2021.

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