Stroll through Florence, spot mermaids in Copenhagen and swim laps in Lake Como. From Utrecht you can go from 25 can catch the night train to several European cities in no time. This means that you only have to transfer once from The Hague.

Travelling by train is a lot better for the environment than flying. If you can also travel to your destination while sleeping and don’t have to change trains, that’s great. Recently you read on nearby that you can travel directly by night train from The Hague Hollands Spoor to Prague or Berlin from this summer. Now (with transfer) more cities have been added to that list: Bolzano, Salzburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Florence, Bologna, Como and Linz.

Sustainable alternative

The sleeper trains are an initiative of, part of the Breda travel organization Flywise. According to the owners, the demand for a sustainable alternative to air travel is high. “With this step, we as a travel organization are at the forefront of allowing travelers to travel even more responsibly,” says co-owner Maarten Bastian.

Travel expenses

Which city you visit, with the GreenCityTrip night train your mini holiday will last five days as standard. You have two options. The first is ticket-only, this trip does not include a hotel. From 199 euro have you already have a shared compartment. Do you prefer to book a hotel included? Then go for the city trip. From 199 euros you have already a shared compartment and two overnight stays with a hotel of your choice.