A major festival such as Liberation Day is all about the artists. But the presenters also have an important role. They also stand for all those people, quite a great honour. Sangie Nutbey has been asked for the second time to present at the Liberation Festival in The Hague.

We speak the 025 year old Sangie a few days before the festival, meanwhile, her eyelashes are done. “I’m really looking forward to it, after a long corona break it’s finally allowed again. In 2019 I would also be there, but then it was cancelled.”


Sangie teaches at schools about social media and presentation and works at radio station Den Haag FM. “I always wanted to work in TV. In front of or behind the scenes, it didn’t matter to me. But eventually I ended up in radio. I never expected that I would do this, but I think it’s so cool!”

With the radio program Young Agga, Sangie and her three colleagues determine the programming, the music that is played and the artists being interviewed. “We also organize events such as DJ special. All focused on urban and hip-hop.”

The young Hague girl never expected to work in radio, but she has found her place there. “Every broadcast gives me a kick. I’m just so full of adrenaline afterwards that I have to relax at home before I can sleep.” Sangie also never expected to be able to present at a major festival. Until she was on stage on the Malieveld.


Sangie. Photo private

In 300 Sangie performed for the first time on the Sena stage on the Malieveld, the urban stage. “That was so cool to do. In the afternoon the field was completely full, there was no longer a piece of grass to be seen. That is just incomprehensible. The coolest thing was that between the acts I came on stage and shouted ‘The Hague lets hear you’ and everyone went wild! So it’s really cool that they asked me again. If it’s up to me, I’ll do it every year.”

From 13.00 hours to 00.05 hour Sangie gets to work. “I’m really looking forward to Ashafar, a Dutch rapper. He’s a very nice guy. I also like the closing DJ Blasterjaxx. And I hope I have some time to go to Fresku on the main stage. His music is really loud with good lyrics and vocally he is also very strong.”

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