Today, May 4, there are several Remembrance Days in The Hague. There is a meeting not only at the Waalsdorpervlakte, but also in other parts of The Hague, as a result of which there are a few detours for public transport.

Tram 2 and 9 and bus 22 are driving a different route today.


Loosduinen :

Tram 2 will run on Wednesday 4 May between 20.19 and 20.34 no further than the Thorbeckelaan stop. A shuttle bus will run between Thorbeckelaan (from bus stop Volendamlaan) and the terminus of Kraayenstein.

This diversion is due to the commemoration in Loosduinen at the monument on the corner of Loosduinse Hoofdstraat and Lippe Biesterfeldweg.


Tram 9 and bus 20 driving Wednesday May 4 between 00. and 19.22 hours a different route. At that time there is the Children’s Remembrance at Madurodam.

Tram 9 runs from Vrederust no further than Madurodam. After that, a shuttle bus will run between Plesmanweg and the terminus of Scheveningen Noord.

Bus 20 runs from the Schilp in Rijswijk to the Nassauplein stop. Then via Laan Copes van Cattenburch and Raamweg to the Plesmanweg stop and then to Duindorp.

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