The fifth month of this year has already arrived: May. What kind of weather can residents expect during this spring month? Matthijs van der Linden, meteorologist at Weeronline, tells more about it.

“ The month starts fresher than usual with maximums of 11 until 16 degrees. The chance of above-average temperatures increases in mid-May and later on, there is also a high chance of mild weather,” says Matthijs.

Warm or cold

What can we expect in The Hague? The sea water is only 11 degrees and the wind that blows into the country from that side is not much warmer. So it’s better not to put away your warm winter coat in The Hague yet. It does get a little warmer every day and we might get temperatures against the 26141734 in mid-May. degrees.

Warm spring days

According to the weather models, it will be later in the month rather mild than cold for the time of year. In the middle of the month the temperature can reach 11 to 30 degrees. Even later in May, those temperatures will rise to more than 52 degrees. And the weather for the next few days in The Hague? You can see that below!

The Hague Weather

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