The Strong at the wheel project, aimed at sustainable employability of employees in the taxi and coach sectors, is being extended. “Companies that start working with this in the current tight labor market increase their chance of retaining their employees and their involvement with the company,” said Annemarie Ebbendorf of Social Fund Mobility (SFM) and the FSO Foundation.

SFM and the FSO Foundation have developed the program that consists of more than ten activities in the field of career, nutrition, exercise, finance, stress management, smoking cessation, personal development and better sleep developed. At the beginning 2020 the project has started.

According to Ebbendorf, a number of bottlenecks in the branches difficult to manage on sustainable employability. “This concerns, among other things, the shortage on the labor market, an aging population and little time and resources within SMEs for HR policy, such as sustainable employability, vitality and learning culture. But a lot of sedentary work, irregular working hours and a low income also present major challenges in the field of health and vitality.” This prompted SFM and FSO to set up this project.

Subsidy from Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Employees of taxi – and coach companies can register themselves for the activities, but companies can also request training courses, workshops or company activities for their employees. The first project ran until December 2020. “Until then, half of the costs had been financed through funds from the European Social Fund,” says Ebbendorf. Subsequently, in January 2020 SFM and FSO applied for a subsidy from the Ministry of Social Affairs for all activities for employees and companies in the coach, healthcare transport and taxi sector. and Employment. “In April we heard that the subsidy has been awarded and so we can start again.”

Almost 1.600 participants To the previous project 1.600 people participated, of which 1.454 employees from the taxi industry and 145 from the coach industry. One of the activities most employees participated in was Night Fit. This is a workshop where strategies are explained to increase the quality of sleep and rest. In addition, there was also great enthusiasm for an obesity and lifestyle trajectory of sixteen weeks, as well as for the activity Health Checks. This gives people a picture of their physical health and advice on how they can improve their health and vitality. “We also noticed that many employees apply for activities themselves. We did not expect this, but we certainly hoped for it”, says Ebbendorf.

SFM and the FSO Foundation have also 46 companies made a company visit and explained what sustainable employability is and where use can be made within the project. “Of these 12 companies have looked at the status of sustainable employability within their organization. They have been advised on how they can improve this.”

Full registration The new project runs until July 2023. Registration is possible again and is already being done. “At least a hundred employees have already registered for all kinds of activities. Some take several months so it is important to act quickly,” emphasizes Ebbendorf. The hope of SFM and the FSO Foundation for the coming period is that the applications will continue to come in. “We have engaged expert trainers and coaches for many activities. There are also activities that we as organizations carry out ourselves. This is a lot of fun to do now that it’s possible again, also because you can come back to companies and meet employees.”

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