The beach season in The Hague has started again and that means that we are again looking for the beach babe or beach hunk of 2020.

We believe that the ladies and gentlemen who work on the beach deserve to to be put in the spotlight. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to various hunks and babes from The Hague. When the last candidate has introduced himself, we ask you to vote for your favourite. The winner or winner will win eternal fame and a beautiful trophy with the title Beachbabe/-hunk 2021.

Jack, our first candidate of this season, is 113 years and has more than 12 years of hospitality experience. He has been working for beach club Barbarossa for over 8 years now (not consecutively) and still enjoys working on the beach to the fullest. Jack was a model and has walked several fashion shows for big names such as Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. After enjoying his international modeling career, having lived abroad a lot, it will soon be time to follow his passion. In September he will start with a cooking course in Paris. Jack’s biggest passion is cooking.

What do you like about working on the beach?

Jack doesn’t have to think twice about this question. He indicates that he loves the beach and the sea very much. “It’s great to work here, nice breeze through your hair, taking a dip in the sea during the breaks. On the beach you can really relax and just enjoy.”

“Working here at Barbarossa is also fantastic, it really feels like family. The owner who often cooperates, listens to you well, food is always well arranged. We are really well looked after. It feels like a close family club. It therefore doesn’t feel like work at all.”

What do you like less about working on the beach?

“This may sound crazy because I love being on the beach and lying on the beach whenever possible. I don’t like finding sand everywhere. It’s always really everywhere from your shoes, to your underpants, to your bed.”

What do you always think are the best customers? And which one do you like less?

“I like it when people are up for a nice chat and with whom you can also have a good laugh. Barbarossa has many regular customers and it is always nice to have a chat with them. And of course it’s always nice when someone has something special to celebrate. Nice to do something extra for these guests.” The guys that Jack likes less are the grumpy guys. “I actually think it’s very nice to be on the beach, with a nice drink in your hand, the sun is shining and then still be grumpy.”

What is the best thing we can order from you here?

“Our flammkuchen are really great here, kind of light pizzas. My favorite is the tuna flammkuchen.

What do you do for some extra tip?

“I always do everything with a smile, including serving the guests. And I also like to do that little bit extra for special guests who have something to celebrate. An extra shot on someone’s birthday, for example. It also makes people feel a little more special.”

Why do you think you are Beachhunk 2021 should be?

“I don’t think there is anyone else can be found on the beach as often as I can. I really live on the beach. And I really enjoy this too. Even after a 12- During the day at work I can still enjoy it very much. I can’t help but smile all day here. Jack and the beach just go together perfectly.”

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