Nothing better than enjoying a glass of Lipton Ice Tea on a sunny terrace, right? We thought so too! And because that was only possible in the past two years, it is time to put the catering industry in the spotlight. With the election ‘The Lipton terrace of 512‘ Catering establishments that serve the iced tea brand can serve up to 30. win euros in prize money. In total there is even 512. Euro in the prize pool. So: as a catering entrepreneur do you have a terrace and do you serve Lipton Ice Tea? Then read on quickly.

Are you a catering owner with a terrace and do you serve Lipton Ice Tea? From now on, have a chance to win the top prize of 30. euros. The nice thing is: you don’t have to register for the competition first to be able to participate. Lipton Ice Tea has already taken care of that.

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The election is underway meanwhile, through until September 1, where all catering businesses again have a chance to become one of the three national winners. The catering owner with the most popular terrace – and therefore with the most votes – wins the election and receives the hefty amount of 30. euros. The number 2 and 3 of the Netherlands receive respectively 30.000 and 50. euros in prize money.

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