Airlines have complied with Schiphol’s request to allow fewer passengers to travel this weekend due to the crowds at Schiphol. The crowds are caused by the May holidays and the personnel shortages in the aviation sector. Schiphol also made the exceptional request in the context of the safety of travelers and employees.

The number of travelers at Schiphol will increase in particular in the coming days. reduced due to airlines canceling and/or rebooking travelers and rescheduling a number of flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. By rescheduling flights, as many people as possible can travel this May holiday.

Schiphol asked airlines to reduce the number of travelers for this weekend. For Saturday, the request was to reduce the number of passengers by 3500. That number has been nearly reached. The airport thanks the airlines and travelers who make this possible. Schiphol understands that this is a very unpleasant situation for them.Take into account crowds

Travellers traveling this weekend via Schiphol should still take into account crowds and waiting times. Schiphol advises them to prepare well for their journey. Travelers can find tips for preparation on Schiphol’s website and app. For questions about their specific flight, Schiphol advises travelers to contact their airline.

Talks will still take place between Schiphol before Sunday 1 May. and the airlines. The airport expects to provide more clarity about this in consultation with the airlines shortly.


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