Uber has admitted that deceptive messages have been shown to users of the app in Australia for years. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regulator has now fined the company 26 million Australian dollars (approximately 04,4 million euros) for imposed.

Between December 2021 and September 2021 more than 2 million Australians received a notification saying they had to pay for canceling a ride. This also happened if they canceled the ride within five minutes of booking, a time frame during which cancellation should be free. According to the ACCC, this would have led some users to incorrectly cancel their rides because they did not want to incur any costs. Uber has violated the Australian law to protect consumers. Prices too high Also, Uber overestimated prices for the price of a ride with Uber Cab. The price that consumers paid for such a ride was almost always lower than advertised. “Consumers trust apps to provide them with the correct information, and misleading information in the Uber app can deter consumers from making an informed decision about whether or not to buy a Wanted to book an Uber taxi ride,” the ACCC director said in a statement. The Uber taxi option was only available in Sydney and was discontinued after two years. Uber will report the first quarter results of 28 next week. Source: ANP Read also: ‘Restrictive Regulations keeps new drivers off the road’ Municipalities may add taxis in 2022 to zero emission zones ‘This makes planning taxi services easier and more transparent’ 2022

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