Published: 29 April 2022Modified: 4 May 2022

The municipality will be collecting used children’s bicycles from 1 May to 4 June 2022. This collection campaign is part of the ANWB Kinderfietsenplan (children’s bicycle recycle project). This plan ensures that every child has a bike he can use. Do you have a bicycle you are not using? Donate it.

Do you have a (children’s) bicycle you are no longer using standing in your shed or cellar? Bring it to 1 of the collection points in The Hague. You can donate bicycles with wheels up to 28 inches (wheel diameter size for adult bikes). City bikes and other types of bikes such as mountain bikes and racing bikes are welcome.

Kinderfietsenplan The Hague1 out of 12 children in the Netherlands grows up below the poverty line. These children often do not have money to buy a bike. The municipality thinks it is important for every child to able to ride a bike to school, friends, sporting activities or other activities. This is why The Hague is taking part in the ANWB Kinderfietsenplan. The municipality is collecting bicycles, having them fixed up and making sure they get to the right children.

Refurbishing bicyclesStichting Leren Doen will be fixing up the bicycles. The restored bicycles will meet all criteria for safety. Children can also have their bicycles serviced at Leren Doen.

PartnershipFor the Kinderfietsenplan the municipality is working together with the ANWB and a large number of partners in the city. These include Stichting Leren Doen, Stichting Leergeld, Voedselbank, Ooievaarspas, Breed Actief, de Fietsburgemeester and Stichting Welzijn.


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