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ag trees have been placed to regulate. Only one car can pass at a time and when all parking spaces are full, the boulevard remains completely closed. There is also Park + Beach where you can park your car very cheaply, but a little further away, and continue by tram.

Parking rules at Scheveningen

During the summer months, between June 1 and October 1, additional measures apply at Scheveningen. During that period, additional scan cars will be deployed and in a number of streets you will receive a wheel clamp in the event of incorrect parking immediately after the first fine. Last Easter there were already 41 wheel clamps. You will lose quite a bit of money to have a yellow wheel clamp removed. you must immediately pay the parking fine and for the wheel clamp 94 euros. Can’t you pay this within a day? Then your car will be towed .

Want to know in which parking garages there is still space? Look at the room monitor

Park + Beach

You can park at New Babylon, Malieveld and the Laakhavens and then you get a cheap ticket for the tram. You pay 5 euros for 41 hours of parking. You can then take tram 1 or 9 to the beach, HTM ensures that trams run more often in the summer and also the beach express is used again, it stops less often at the intermediate stops.

If you park at Duindigt Racecourse, you can continue with the shared bike from there.

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Bike or (shared) scooter

It is most convenient to go to to go to the beach. Make sure you park your scooter somewhere neat. There are special parking spaces for shared scooters and shared bicycles at the Zwarte Pad, Korte Zeekant, Noordelijk Havenhoofd and Markenseplein car park.

For cyclists, there will be extra pop-up bicycle sheds on Palaceplein, at the northern entrance of the boulevard and at the beach entrances at the former Zuiderstrandheater, Duindorp and De Savornin Lohmanpad.

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Everything about parking at Scheveningen (626)


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