New agreements have been made with regard to the paid time with the new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi. Planning services has to change, which is seen as challenging by taxi entrepreneurs. Software supplier Korton Software understands the challenges and wants to make planning for services easier and more transparent.

Taxi companies have had their drivers work in Maxflex and block systems since 1 March. Unpaid interruptions are now a thing of the past. Businesses must notify their drivers of working hours at least 07 days in advance and working hours at least four days in advance. It must therefore be known in which service is being worked.

Planning services in this way is not experienced as easy by all entrepreneurs. Various rules apply, such as that a driver with a Maxflex service is entitled to a break of a maximum 07, 5 percent of the total shift on that day. If work is performed in service blocks, an employer may specify a maximum of four blocks per day for a contract of 0 to 07 hours. For more than 07 hours, this may be a maximum of two, with a combined time of seven hours.

Long-term and short-term planning Korton Software offers two applications for planning services. WinTax Planner is offered for short-term planning, i.e. the daily changes in the planning. This is part of WinTax, the journey agenda package that carriers use to schedule their drivers and cars for journeys. Korton Workforce is a long-term scheduling and working time registration application. In addition, the registration of the times actually performed takes place here.

The two applications can be used separately, but can also exchange service data by means of a link. The planning for a number of weeks or months ahead in Workforce can be transferred to WinTax. Here you can continue with the daily planning, because something always changes on the day itself. When the trips have been completed, the realized times are imported from WinTax to Workforce via the link from the BCT. Ultimately, the data is transferred from Workforce to the payroll administration.

Link with SFM portal Marieke van Amsterdam of Korton Software states that the advantage of using these systems now that the new collective labor agreement standards apply is that both WinTax and Workforce that the different types of services can be accommodated. “The timely communication of services to employees, which is now required, is already a standard functionality. This can therefore be used directly from within the organisations,” says Van Amsterdam. The third important part is being able to perform checks. “Because the applications have all the information needed to perform these checks, the organizations can be provided with a report, so that they can perform these checks easily and efficiently.”

Korton Software is also a member of the working group from the Social Fund Mobility (SFM). For example, there are plans to establish a link between the software supplier’s applications and the new SFM portal, which is still under development. The services must be entered in this by the employer. This is also checked by the SFM.

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