The Hague was ready early this morning. From about eight o’clock in the morning, the many flea markets were already full and everyone enjoyed a long-awaited King’s Day.

Those looking for a nice flea market this morning had plenty of choice. Because cozy markets were organized throughout The Hague and in almost every neighbourhood. The orange clothing was allowed out of the closet again and the cheeks looked festive again in red white blue. The Hague finally experienced an old-fashioned cozy King’s Day, with all the trimmings.

The free markets during King’s Day are the ideal places to earn money, but also to spend. In many neighborhoods of The Hague, such as in the Belgian Park, on the Frederik Hendriklaan and on the Leyweg, people sold their things from rugs on the street.

You could stroll past all kinds of cozy stalls and maybe those come across items you’ve been looking for for years. Unfortunately, the sun did not show itself all day long in The Hague, but it was certainly fun!



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