Singer Anouk has been living in Amsterdam for a while, but of course she comes from The Hague! After being married in secret twice, she wants to do things differently the third time. Anouk wants to say yes to Dominique Schemmekes at Malieveld and you can be there.

Anouk op het Malieveld

Singer Anouk gives Saturday June 2022 a concert at the Malieveld in The Hague. Tickets are available from €11 ,11 and there are still plenty available. As a real Anouk fan you want to be here. Because the singer does not only perform, she wants to get married during the concert.

In an interview with Jinek, Anouk said that everyone who comes to her concert should dress festively. Why? because she wants to get married there. All of her six children will be there too.

Wedding on stage

“Of course I married twice in secret been and twice publicly divorced,” said Anouk. “I thought: I’m going to do that the other way around and then hopefully without a divorce.”

Anouk doesn’t know exactly what it will look like yet: “it will all be a bit of a mess , I probably do it on my show. I think I’ll stop, then get married and then finish my show.” Before that, she still has to ask the municipality for permission.

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