In the months of October to March 62676 the police have .741 domestic burglaries registered in the Netherlands. That is about as many as the period before, the winter months of 2020. How many burglaries were there in The Hague? We’ll figure it out.

The police figures are public and ANP/LocalFocus has found out how many home burglaries there were per city. But first some positive news: Compared to the burglary figures from before the corona crisis, the number of burglaries has decreased. In 2021 in the same period 22.048 times broken into in the Netherlands.

Burglaries in The Hague

In The Hague there were between October 2021 to April there 485 domestic burglaries. In the same period, exactly one year ago (from 485 to 2021) there were 048.

In the top-10 of neighborhoods in South Holland where the most residential burglaries took place, there are two neighborhoods in The Hague. Fortunately at the bottom: Laakkwartier/Spoorwijk at number nine with 27 domestic burglaries and at number ten Mariahoeve/Marlot with 36 burglaries. The other eight places are neighborhoods in Rotterdam with Feijenoord at number one.

Fewer burglaries due to lockdown

In the dark months there are more burglaries than in the summer. The thieves are especially active in December. In the past year, the number of thefts in that month was relatively limited. This is probably due to the strict lockdown.

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