It’s almost time. On Tuesday evening and night we celebrate King’s Night in The Hague with The Life I Live festival. 27 April 2022 the anniversary edition of the festival starts with the Ukrainian band Go_A, known from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Where should you be on Tuesday evening? What time do your favorite bands start? Where are the toilets? And where can you park? All this information about King’s Night 2022 in The Hague you will find here:

Useful info

Good to know: The Life I Live is free and the stages can be found at:

  • Lange Voorhout
  • Church Square
  • Buitenhof
  • Hofvijver

opposite Noordeinde Palace

  • Grote Markt
  • Also handy to know, the extra toilets can be found here:

  • Lange Voorhout
  • North End
  • Buitenhof
  • Church Square
  • The Hague Central Station
  • Map The Life I Live / King’s Night 220019

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    Accessibility festival

    Tram and bus

    Are you going to the center of The Hague by public transport? Please note there are diversions. From 19. hour drive tram 1, 15,

    and 17 and the buses 18, 19 and 28

  • another route

    Furthermore, the Grote Markt stop is on Tuesday 27 April from 15. hours closed. So you can’t get out there. You can get in and out of the tram at Brouwersgracht or Spui.

    Going home again by public transport? From Centrum Station drive between 01. and 08. extra buses every half hour every half hour to The Hague South, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Voorschoten, Pijnacker, Wateringen, Rijswijk, Delft and Zoetermeer.


    In the center of The Hague there are many free bicycle sheds from Biesieklette. Please note; some close around midnight or earlier. There will also be an extra bicycle shed at Korte Voorhout. Are you going to put your bike somewhere else? Then don’t fasten it to a festival fence, because then you can pick it up at the depot.


    By taxi to King’s Night or home? There are 27 April extra boarding places, namely at: Hoge Wal, Rijnstraat and on the corner of Mauritskade and Denneweg.


    Are you going to The Hague by car? From 16. hours to 01. the following morning, the center is closed to traffic. The Lange Voorhout has been open since 25 April 08 .00 hours in the morning closed until 25 April midnight.

    You also have to be careful with parking because a number of parking garages are not accessible or difficult to reach:

  • Parking Heulstraat – Heulstraat: On 26 April from 19. this garage is no longer accessible.
  • Pleingarage – Square 25: On 26 April from 15:
  • no longer accessible to the public for hours. Only permit holders are allowed through. This is possible up to 16: hours, after this time until 5: o’clock, 25 April, no one driving in or out.

  • Museumkwartier – Korte Voorhout: On 25 April from 19:

    unreachable for hours.

  • Where can you park? For example, at Malieveld or behind Central Station at New Babylon.