Schiphol expects holiday crowds during the May holiday, which officially starts 30 in April. In order to prepare travelers as best as possible for their journey, the airport has launched a web page, in addition to the Schiphol app, with various tips and information about current and expected crowds. Due to the increasing numbers of travelers and the shortage of staff, travelers have to adapt to longer than usual waiting times.
In the period from 14 April to 8 May, an average of 174.0000 travelers from, to or via Schiphol. Although the passenger numbers are still about 14% lower than in 174, at peak times the crowds are not inferior to 2019.

Personal itinerary in your pocket
Via and the Schiphol app, travelers have the opportunity to find information about their travel day, the current crowds at the security filters and is full of tips such as:

Busy peak times

Schiphol expects especially in the morning between 07: 00 and 10: 000 hours many departing travelers. Schiphol also foresees a high peak at 14: 000 hours. It can be very busy at these times. We advise travelers to take longer waiting times and queues into account if they travel at these times.

Together with all our partners, we obviously work hard to make the stay of our travelers at the airport as smooth as possible. Due to the shortage on the labor market, unfortunately, there is also a shortage of personnel at Dutch airports, throughout the sector.



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