A hamburger from the barbecue, a blind finch at dinner, a tasty meat filling for lunch or a good dollop of filet americain on a cracker for breakfast. If you like meat, you like to eat it at any time of the day. But is this actually good for your body?

Vlees.nl they know all about this. This is the platform for the meat lover. Here you will find all information about veal, beef and pork and their production. Vlees.nl is an initiative of the Dutch meat sector and attaches great importance to being able to provide all information and answer questions about meat and its production.

Rich in nutrients

Vlees.nl emphasizes that meat contains many valuable substances, so that our body can function properly. Building materials

in meat are vitamins B1, B6 and B, vitamin D, iron, zinc, proteins and fats. These nutrients all have their own role in controlling our body. The most important vitamin is vitamin B. This ensures cell division, is of great importance in the maintenance of nerve cells and it prevents anemia. Vitamins B1, B6 and D ensure a strong skeleton and a better digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Proteins are food for the construction of organs, bones, muscles, blood and the nervous system . Did you know that an adult human consists of about twelve kilograms of protein? Animal proteins (from meat or milk) have a more favorable composition than vegetable proteins (bread, vegetables). This means that they are also processed faster in your body and absorbed into your blood. If you omit meat, you need to eat a lot more vegetable protein or choose other animal products to get the right amount of nutrients.

Italian meatball | Photo: Vlees.nl

Amount of meat per person per day

The amount of meat, which you could eat in a day to get enough good nutrients depends on your age or gender. Children need a lot of nutrients to grow. These nutrients can therefore very well come from meat, fish, chicken and eggs.

As children continue to grow, so does the need for good nutrients, which are mainly found in meat. Growth takes a lot of energy, which must therefore be supplied and supplied. Don’t just think about physical growth, growing bigger, but also about the development of the nervous system, the brain and strong bones.

Adults and seniors also benefit from the many nutrients that meat has to offer. This certainly also applies to seniors, to stay fit, but also at an advanced age when the body still needs extra strength.

The amount of meat you could choose depends on age, but also differs for boys and girls. Which amount is best for you depends on it… But beware: meat loses about a quarter of its weight (moisture) during preparation (baking or roasting). So you need 100 grams of fresh meat to make (net) 75 grams on your plate or on your sandwich. In any case, meat fits perfectly into a healthy and varied diet and lifestyle.

Let’s get cooking

In addition to all information about different types of meat, you will also find many recipes on Vlees.nl. Extra handy: almost all recipes contain the nutritional values ​​per person. So you know exactly whether you are meeting your minimum nutritional values ​​with that dish. How about steak Wellington

or ham on the bone with honey

or veal escalope with spicy mango salsa ?

Learn everything about (red) meat

Do you also want everything know and learn about meat? Then take a look at Vlees.nl. For example, read a blog about how best to pickle and marinate your meat

or follow one of 20085922the mini-masterclasses

and learn how to make béarnaise sauce for a steak.



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