Did you know that we have special nature reserves in The Hague? Do you want to know more about that? Foresters Hans van der Meijs and Erwin Hemelop give a free excursion and are happy to tell you about the special and beautiful places of the Westduinpark and the Clingendael estate

During the morning and evening excursions, the forest rangers tell you about the history of the area and which plants and animals live there. For example about songbirds such as the nightingale in the dunes and of course the Scottish Highlanders.

The excursions in the Westduinpark are on:

  • Tuesday 19 April at 17:
  • Tuesday 26 April at 17. hour
  • Saturday 21 April at 8: 30 o’clock
  • Tuesday 3 May at 17:


    These excursions start at the

    Hedgehog sanctuary

  • Wednesday 4 May at 20:
  • Friday 6 May at 20: hours
    • Saturday 7 May at 17:


  • Wednesday14 May at 8: 38 hours
      Friday 19 May at 8: 30 o’clock
    • Saturday 19 May at 8: 21 hours

    These excursions begin at the entrance on the Wassenaarseweg, at the gate near the toilet block.

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