A cosmetic peeling ensures that your skin renews itself, reducing fine lines, acne and scars. Dermaclinic at the Benoordenhoutseweg 22 offers this treatment, in addition to injectables, hair transplants, laser and beauty treatments. Yvette van indebuurt suffered from red spots on her face and tried a cosmetic peeling, because it is also quite effective against that.

For targeted treatments against skin aging, acne or scars, you have come to the right place with the hbo-certified skin therapists at DermaClinic in The Hague. The skin therapists here are also affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. They know best here which treatment is best for your skin.

Skin analysis

Skin therapist Danielle first performs an extensive skin analysis. She does this by studying your skin closely so that she can see all the imperfections well. Daniëlle: “On the basis of this I determine which treatment we will do. In the case of Yvette, who suffers from red spots due to broken arteries in her face, a cosmetic peeling offers the fastest and best result.”

A cosmetic peeling is also called chemical peeling, says Daniëlle. “That name sometimes scares people off. They are afraid that their skin will become too thin with this treatment. But the term refers to the chemical reaction that occurs in your skin. And that is actually very beneficial: after just one application, your skin is already smoother and the red spots are less. If you do it regularly, for example every 7 weeks, you will get finer pores, a more radiant complexion, fewer pigment spots and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.” Well, that’s quite a ride!

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Regardless of state your skin and your skin problems, the skin therapist at DermaClinic can draw up a personal treatment plan. Photo: DermaClinic

Very soft

Yvette would like to try such a treatment. “I can sit in the comfortable treatment chair. It’s a bit exciting because I’ve never had a cosmetic peel before. Fortunately, it works out really well. After Danielle cleans and degreases my skin, she carefully applies the product to my face. It stings nicely, but actually that’s nice.

After it has worked in for a while, Danielle very carefully removes the peeling from my face. It really does feel like I have new skin! Daniëlle tells me not to touch my face too much. While I do have that tendency, because it feels wonderfully soft. She also advises me to put a good spf on my face for the next few days because my skin is now extra sensitive to UV radiation.”

The following weeks it feels like Yvette she has new skin. “Literally, because the older ‘layer of skin’ has peeled off.”

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DermaClinic knows: every person is different and therefore every skin. Regardless of the state of your skin and your skin problems, the skin therapist can draw up a personal treatment plan. Think, for example, of treating acne, rosacea, excessive hair, skin slackening or scars.

Do you have other skin conditions or complaints? With the help of the right form of skin therapy, complaints can be reduced or even disappear completely. DermaClinic’s skin therapists are highly educated with a lot of experience and are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. This way you can be sure that you will receive expert help.

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