From 1 October 2022 the general practitioner transport of emergency care GPs in Twente will be in the hands of Witte Kruis, part of Transdev Nederland. . This concerns transport in the evenings, nights, weekends and holidays from the emergency stations Enschede and Hengelo.

The general practitioner drivers of the former carrier who work for Emergency General Practitioners Twente were informed about this during a meeting. “We expect to have found a good partner in Witte Kruis to be able to further professionalize the services provided by general practitioner drivers,” says Jacqueline Noltes, director of Emergency General Practitioners in Twente.

Emergency Care General Practitioners Twente makes an integral part of primary care. “It is central to us that our general practitioners are optimally supported during their work and that the general practitioner drivers are facilitated in their work by a professional organization”, says Noltes.

‘Particularly proud’ Marcel van Pijkeren, commercial director at Witte Kruis, says that they are pleased that Emergency Care General Practitioners Twente has chosen them to carry out this assignment. “They indicated that our quality, continuity of service and professionalism as an acute care organization were decisive,” says Pijkeren. “And of course we are very proud of that.”

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