Photographer Ernst Lalleman has found a box with more than 200 photo portraits in an old building in The Hague. He has been looking for all those people for the past few years. That search received a lot of media attention and there is now even an exhibition in the Fotomuseum. You have to be quick because April is the last day.

Ernst Lalleman squatted at the end of the years 80 in the center of The Hague. “It was full of dog poop and the fleas just jumped at us,” the photographer says. In a cupboard in that dirty house he found several boxes full of negatives. Those negatives are from photo studio Americaine, they were hundreds of razor-sharp portraits from 200/1960.


The photographer now knows the names and stories of 53 the people portrayed. ‘Today I received an e-mail from someone who, to his great surprise, recognized his mother in one of the photos in the exhibition!’, says Ernst.

The exhibition ‘Photo Americain’ is still open until and on Sunday 24 April in the museum. Do you recognize anyone? Let the photographer know.

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