To prevent telephone use in traffic, the police in North Brabant and Zeeland deploy a coach throughout the year. This has previously proven to be a successful means of detecting traffic offenders.

Smartphone use behind the wheel seems to have become a habit for some road users, writes Transport Online. Distracted driving, however, causes many accidents. For this reason, with the enforcement action ‘Eyes on the road’, a coach is once again being used to convince offenders to leave their smartphone alone in traffic. The police of East Brabant and Zeeland-West Brabant and the provinces of Zeeland and North Brabant are jointly carrying out this action.

Twenty days As soon as officers from the coach see a violation, they report it to another police team in a smaller car. This team takes over and apprehends the offender. The enforcement action is spread over twenty days over the year. In addition to the coach, a MONO cam is also used. This is a smart camera that can be used to recognize whether a motorist is holding a device.

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