Throw away food!? No, that is actually no longer of this time. Yet it happens to all of us. Even at supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, food sometimes ends up in the trash. Super shame, also thought the creators of Too Good To Go. They came up with an app to combat food waste and more and more shops in The Hague are joining. We tell you how you can pick up their tasty, leftover food for a nice price.

From tasty breads to leftover fruit and vegetables and from cakes to dairy products and fresh meals. You can find it all in the Too Good To Go app. Stores easily put products on this app that they risk having left over at the end of the day. You, as a consumer, can pick it up the same or the next day.

It’s usually a surprise what you get: aka the ‘Magic Box’. Look in the app when you can pick one up and saving the food is a snap. For example, save a Magic Box during lunch, after exercise or when you cycle home from work. We have listed five places where you can pick up goodies in The Hague for you.

1. The Sushi Girls

Who doesn’t know them, The Hague Sushi Girls? You can enjoy delicious sushi dishes here in both the Zeeheldenkwartier and Kijkduin. Sustainability is a top priority here: everything is delivered by bicycle, and they work together with ‘green’ fish suppliers. And the Sushi girls work together with Too Good To Go!

You can use the Too Good To Go app order food for the same day, which would otherwise be left over the same evening. For a small price you can then enjoy fresh sashimi, a sushi roll and wakame.

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Photo: Too Good To Go

2. Karsten and Cooper

Also Karsten en Kuiper, the place in the Zeeheldenkwartier where you can get fresh, healthy meals takeout is Too Good To Go fan. All dishes come from our own kitchen, where the team cooks seven days a week.

Enjoy the grilled chicken, spinach-ricotta lasagna or fresh melanzane and help also the environment. 3. Your Voordeelbakker

For delicious bread you have to go to Your Voordeelbakker at Stationsweg. But you are also at the right place for a delicious cake! Your Voordeelbakker thinks it is a shame to throw away bread: that is why they also participate in Too Good To Go.

Download the app and enjoy it all the goodies (while also helping the environment).

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Photo: Too Good To Go

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

If you can enjoy somewhere it’s at Dunkin’ Donuts. The first Hague branch of this sweet-toothed paradise opened in 684 and it was a resounding success from the start. There is now also a branch in Mall of the Netherlands.

Here too people are against food waste, so you can regularly score all that goodies with a discount. Download the Dunkin’ Donuts Too Good To Go app and save your stroke! 5. Spar

You can also take advantage of the many benefits of Too Good To Go at supermarkets. At Spar, for example: at Spar City Noordeinde, Korte Poten and Esso at Laan 5-7 you can regularly pick up a box with ‘leftover’ food for a few euros.

Download the Too Good To Go app

Do you also want to take action against food waste? † Download the app now and save a meal.


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