The Municipal Executive of Amstelveen is not satisfied with the way in which Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC) carries out WMO transport in the municipality. Although weekly discussions are held with the carrier, the municipality still receives many complaints. MRC therefore received an ultimatum of fourteen days on Friday to come up with an improvement plan.

MRC has been responsible for wmo transport in the municipality of Amstelveen. In total, this assignment concerns about 4.500 transport movements per month. Given this large number, it is considered inevitable that a carrier is sometimes a little too early or too late at the agreed location. In recent months, however, residents have been picked up too late too often, according to the municipality.

The municipality has been in talks with MRC for some time about arriving on time. The waiting times are sometimes exceeded by one hour or more. The taxi was not on time for 15 percent of the journeys in January. The company has already deployed additional staff to address this problem. Nevertheless, the situation has not improved sufficiently. In addition, MRC is obliged to ensure that residents are offered alternative transport in the event of a delay of more than 45 minutes. However, the municipality has found that this is not always the case. Finally, the communication of the transporter’s customer service to the residents is also seen as insufficient.

Satisfied with the drivers Because the municipality wants WMO transport to be good for the residents, an improvement plan is required from the carrier. In any case, the municipality wants MRC to deploy more drivers, proactively approach residents when it is clear that a taxi will be late and, in the event of a delay, actively indicate that an alternative taxi can be deployed at their expense. Customer service must also be more accessible. The municipality is satisfied with the drivers themselves. It is appreciated that they work extra hard due to the staff shortage.

Growth spurt in bookings Sjaak de Winter has been director of MRC since 1 April and states that an improvement plan has now been drawn up with which the company hopes that the clients and the client will be satisfied again in the future. “It went pretty well at the start in January,” says De Winter. “But when the corona measures fell away, there was a huge growth spurt in bookings that we are happy to answer. Unfortunately, this costs us more effort and time than we thought. We are working hard on it and I am confident that with the other supporting managers we will act more stable within a month.”

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