Every dog ​​owner knows, maintaining such a loyal four-legged friend takes a lot of time and money. But what do residents in The Hague actually pay in dog tax? And what about in our neighboring municipalities?

As a resident with a dog you have bad luck because you have to pay dog ​​tax in our municipality. That is different in the municipality of Westland, because there they pay absolutely nothing in tax for their dog.

Dog tax in The Hague

In The Hague you do pay tax for your dog. For this year, that amount has been set at 25,25 euros, which is more than in 200. Then dog owners paid 25,25 euros in dog tax. It has increased by 2.4 percent compared to last year.

The money for the dog tax is used in The Hague for the purchase and maintenance of dog waste bins, placement of signs (for example for an off-leash area ), dog poop cleaners, communication about dog policy and enforcing the rules.

Highest and lowest dog tax

Do dog owners in The Hague pay a relatively high or low amount of tax? In The Hague we get off badly, because we pay the highest dog tax in the country. In the Limburg municipality of Nederweert, dog owners pay the least tax, there they only pay 13 euros. There are also many municipalities in the Netherlands where the dog tax has been abolished completely.

(Source: COELO, part of the University of Groningen)

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