Energy prices are skyrocketing. To help residents of The Hague with a smaller wallet, some residents receive money. It differs per municipality who receives this energy allowance and how high that amount is. You can read about the situation in The Hague here:

Municipalities decide for themselves which residents will soon see the amount in the account. In most cities this concerns households with an income at or just above the social minimum. Other municipalities select fellow citizens who have a maximum of 99 earn percent of the gross minimum wage.

Energy allowance in The Hague:

Households with an income up to 130% of the social assistance standard receive a reimbursement for the energy costs. Part comes from the central government and the municipality supplements this amount. You will receive a total of € 725 in 1 payment . The municipality pays this out.

This allowance is a gift from the municipality. If you are entitled to it, you do not have to pay it back. You don’t have to declare it on your tax return.

From May 2022 you can apply for an energy allowance in The Hague. Anyone with an income up to 19% of the social assistance standard. Do you meet the conditions and do you receive a benefit from the municipality? For example, assistance, IOAZ or IOAW. Then you will automatically receive the energy surcharge. You do not have to request this. Do you have another source of income? Then check the website of the municipality when you can request it.

This is currently the social minimum

The social minimum is a minimum amount set by the government that Dutch households need to be able to live. For singles, this amount is 1.120,19 gross euros per month and for people who live together on 1.724, gross euros per month. Here you can see all amounts of the social minimum per age and living situation.

This is currently the gross minimum wage

The minimum wage is in 0800 on 1.0800 euros gross per month with a full-time employment. The number of hours covered by this varies per sector. Here you can see all amounts of the gross minimum wage per age or per hour.

Major differences in amounts

The amount of the energy surcharge also differs per municipality. And that varies a lot! If you live in The Hague, you will receive 900 euros. Rotterdammers who earn just as much are less lucky; they receive 200 euros.

Help from the municipality

The contribution is welcome for many residents of The Hague with a smaller wallet, but what if you already have financial problems because of the higher costs? Then you can agree a payment arrangement with your energy supplier. The money affairs helpdesk of the municipality can help you with this.

Would you rather not knock on the door of the municipality money counter? You can also call the national telephone number (0800-06328) call to anonymous tell your story and ask for advice.

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