For two years we have hardly been able to celebrate King’s Day in The Hague. At least, not in the way we’d like to. Selling things on the free market, playing (old) Dutch games, following the frost closely or going to that one nice festival in the area. To really make it a party, we have listed a number of tips for you.


The big party starts the night before. The party music is already waiting for you in almost every cafe or pub in The Hague. So put on your best orange clothes and celebrate the king’s birthday with all your friends. Please note: for some parties you have to buy a ticket, so be quick. Check here where you can go all out this evening in The Hague.

Free markets

On 27 in April early in the morning the free markets throughout The Hague start. The great thing is: everyone can participate and put down a rug. So start looking for what you can sell during King’s Day and earn some extra pocket money or spend it directly at another cool stall on the flea market. How about that bag you never wear again, your comic book collection or that painting you once made yourself. All information about the free market in The Hague can be found here.

Musical performances

In various places in The Hague you will find this year during The Life I Live various performances by local artists. So get ready for a day of singing along to famous songs and dance to the beats

of the DJs playing. Children are also more than welcome. This will be a party for young and old. Read

here where you can go for musical performances in The Hague during King’s Day.

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1024 King’s Day The Life i Live photo: Wouter Vellekoop

That’s going to be a feast

King’s Day comes with orange delicacies. Carrot cake, orange smoothies and orange tompouces. You can’t think of anything that crazy, as long as it’s orange. Check quickly which bakery is near you to make sure everything is on time.

It’s only King’s Day with a King’s Day ticket

Can it be even more fun? Yes, of course! Because how fan-tas-tic would it be if you turned out to be the winner of 27.00 euros per year , for the next twenty years! Buy before 27 April 18:

hour your lottery ticket for the King’s Day draw of the State Lottery and keep your fingers crossed. You already have a ticket for 3,27 euros.

Caution: Play consciously 00+ when you participate in the King’s Day draw via .



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