The breeding season has started and then the gulls go on a foray through the city. That means a lot of torn garbage bags, rubbish and stench. The municipality is going into battle with the secret weapon: Yellow garbage bags.

Although seagulls love your cliques all year round, they are extra active during the breeding season (March-August) and that’s why you can get extra sturdy garbage bags during this period for free. The seagulls are less able to pick these bags open.

You can get free garbage bags here:

    You can get the free yellow garbage bags between 1 March and November 1 207468 pick up at:

      Scheveningen: Kommunika on Jurriaan Kokstraat 177

      Segbroek: City farm De Gagelhoeve on the Mient 20 and with Segbroek district office on Fahrenheitstraat 190.

    • Laak: Laakkwartier Library at Lineausstraat 2, Molenweide City Farm at Stuwstraat 31, Laak district office on Slachthuisplein 31 and at the Vadercentrum at Jonckbloetplein 24.
  • Centre: Neighborhood center De Sprong on the Paviljoensgracht 33 and at De Heldenhoek at the Elandstraat 33
    • Haagse Hout: Library on Theresiastraat 190, City Farm De Reigershof on the Reigersbergenweg 251 and at Wijkcentrum Bezuidenhout at Johannes Camphuijsstraat 20.

      And at the information desk of the town hall in the center and at the Leyweg.

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