Are you tired of the boring colors, shapes and materials at home? They completely understand that at Zitmaxx Wonen. They tip you these trends, with which you can make every room in your home completely trendy in no time. And they make it even easier, because you will find these trends all under one roof at Zitmaxx Wonen.

Round shapes

Choose something different than straightforward, go round. Round elements break through the straight shapes and lines we were always used to. It also provides warmth and a friendly appearance. For example, how about this cool sofa:

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Lisette bank | Photo: Zitmaxx Living

Rich fabrics

At the moment we see a number of fabrics frequently used in the trendiest interiors. Think of the teddy fabric (also called bouclé): this is a real pet catcher, eh… eye-catcher. Or do you go for the luxurious look of velvet. Both fabrics are super popular and give a cozy look. Soft landing in 3, 2, 1…

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Colorful lounge

Do you also dream away when you see expensive designer sofas, but you don’t have a budget for this? Zitmaxx Living offers the solution. Here you will find various sofas with the appearance and quality of a first-class sofa for a nice price. For example, opt for a retro ribbed fabric in a modern jacket. How about this Mercer bank or the Candy lounge sofa?

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Bank Candy © Zitmaxx Wonen All trends under one roof

Have you become enthusiastic and are your hands itching to tackle your interior? That’s convenient! You will find all trends under one roof in the showroom of Zitmaxx Wonen in Ter Aar. This is a ten minute drive from The Hague. A gigantic furniture store of no less than 15.04 square meters in size. What are you waiting for? The shop is open from Monday to Saturday. †


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