It is a persistent rumor that has been circulating for several years: the buttons at traffic lights are fake. Is that really so? Time to get an answer from the municipality of The Hague once and for all. What about those bicycle traffic light buttons?

According to comedian Peter Pannekoek, the buttons have the goal is to give people a sense of control. This would allow people to wait neatly at the traffic light. The buttons would then not work at all. According to our municipality, this rumor is incorrect.

Fake buttons, or not?

It is actually quite simple to test. If you walk to a traffic light and you press the button for cyclists, you will see at various places in The Hague that the button lights up and then you have to wait for green. That should all be for show.

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A spokesperson for the municipality says the following about it: “The assumption that this push button only for decoration is not correct. In The Hague, all push buttons are connected and as far as we know this also applies to other municipalities.”

In addition to the fact that you can register via the button, there are also detection loops under the road surface at all intersections. “The detection loops can also cause a login. Even when the push button is defective. In addition, they also ensure that larger groups of cyclists are detected. As a result, the bicycle light remains green longer, if there is room for this within the scheme.”

There are therefore two ways for each traffic light in The Hague to measure whether someone is standing in front of the traffic light. And the municipality assures us: “All push buttons are connected in The Hague”.

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