As of April 1, the VANDERWOU Group has expanded its transport to and from events with the acquisition of The Party Express from Oosterhout. Jordi Burgemeestre, owner of The Party Express, will join VANDERWOU as event transport manager.

Burgemeestre remains the driving force behind this new branch of the company, reports Dongen News. He is happy with the takeover and sees it as a major step forward in the development of his company, which specializes in event transport, especially to dance events.

The Party Express works with individual seats. and in some cases people can book both an entrance ticket and a seat with the company. VANDERWOU Tours has been offering a similar concept for a number of years, namely ‘Samenmetdebus’. Due to the desire to grow this label and the good mutual contact with Burgemeestre, the two companies entered into talks some time ago.

Integration of the two companies Rozanne Beerens, co-owner of VANDERWOU Tours, explains that it took a little longer due to corona until the parties came to a workable solution together. However, this has now been satisfactorily accomplished. The name ‘The Party Express’ will remain with the takeover. In the coming period, we will look at how ‘Samenmetdebus’ can be integrated in this in the right way.

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