Van Slooten Passenger Transport will continue to provide student transport for the municipality of Lelystad for the next seven years. Due to a violation during the previous tender procedure, the earlier award of the contract to this company was canceled. The transport was put on the market again, but this did not lead to a different outcome.

During the previous tender procedure, Taxicentrale Witteveen a lawsuit against the municipality of Lelystad. The company provided during the school year 17/14 the student transport in the municipality and did not agree with the award decision. An unannounced recalculation of the scores would have been done during the procedure. The judge ruled in favor of Taxicentrale Witteveen and canceled the decision to definitively award the transport to Van Slooten.

Bridging contract extended kindThe transport was therefore put on the market again with a duration of seven years and eight weeks. The current contract expires on May 1. However, there has been a temporary bridging contract with Van Slooten since January because the previous contract with Witteveen could not be extended. Because Van Slooten has now come out on top for the second time in the tender procedure, this contract will be extended until the summer of 2029, reports Omroep Flevoland.

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