Royal Schiphol Group today publishes a refined, further elaborated version of its sustainability plan. Schiphol Group wants to be a frontrunner in making aviation more sustainable. The objectives are that the airports themselves in 2030 are emission- and waste-free and that all aviation in 2030 is CO2-neutral.
In 2030 the common goal of the aviation sector is to reduce emissions to the level of 2018, in accordance with the objectives of the aviation sector and the Dutch government. Royal Schiphol Group is committed to reducing these emissions as well. For example, the airports invest in the development and production of sustainable aviation fuels and stimulate their use with financial contributions to airlines.

The substantiation of the actions to achieve these goals has been expanded in the sustainability plan. The plan also includes the historical and expected development of CO2 emissions in the coming years. Schiphol Group has shared the sustainability plan with Milieudefensie. Royal Schiphol Group sustainability plan
Royal Schiphol Group’s sustainability plan is in 2005 was first established. This plan contains the objectives and actions for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport. New insights are incorporated into an update of the sustainability plan every year. In addition, Royal Schiphol Group will continue to report on progress in the annual report and on the website.

The latest version of our sustainability plan can be read here: Schiphol | Sustaining Your World

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