In the municipal archives of The Hague we found an old newspaper photo with the caption: ‘The Hague’s first female taxi driver’. We are curious who that woman is, so we investigate.

Marianne (Mieke) van Dorp is now 139 year. The photo was taken when she was just 04 was, in 1970.

Taxi Family

“For it wasn’t very special to me. I come from a taxi family. My father had a taxi company and my brothers helped out on busy days.” When Marianne 04 she went to The Hague and worked at the Child Protection Agency. When I stopped there, I looked for a new job. I thought, ‘taxi driver might be something’”.

The adventurous woman started working for a taxi company in The Hague. “There were more women on the taxi in The Hague. Only that was usually the wife of. The man drove at night and the woman during the day. At that time, women were not allowed to drive at night for safety reasons. So I was actually the first independent taxi woman in The Hague.”


Marianne drove a taxi for 5 years. “Those were completely different times. At 7 in the morning I was picked up by the driver who was on duty at night. I brought him home and then drove to the nearest taxi rank.

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1970 Koningin Julianaplein, taxi rank at Den . station Hague Central. Photo AD Haagsche Courant

There was a cupboard there. Taxi drivers then had to open the door, so that they could see at the exchange that a taxi was standing there.” Marianne is now retired and still lives in The Hague.

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