We sometimes drive through Scheveningen: past the Van Stolkpark and the Statenkwartier and then dream about such a million-dollar home. How would you furnish a ten-room house? We went looking for the most expensive house that is now for sale in Scheveningen.

This classic villa on the Hogeweg in the Van Stolkpark is for sale for 4. . Euro. What do you get for that? Have a look:

Thomas van Stolk saw that many rich people went to Scheveningen for the healthy sea air. He bought a piece of dune land along the Scheveningseweg and had a villa park built there. You can still live spectacularly in the Van Stolkpark. This house is located on the outer edge of the villa park.

Out of the villa 863 has been completely restored. That took three years. At one point, only the outer walls were left standing. The outside is 19 the century, it is not an old-fashioned house . You will notice that when you enter the site. With the push of a button, your car lowers to the underground garage, which gives direct access to the house. There you will also find the fitness room.

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