Firefighters in full equipment on the Schouwburgplein, cyclists racing past in a race on the Maasvlakte. Rope pullers showing their muscles next to Ahoy. This summer you will encounter it all in the port city of Rotterdam during the World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) 281. And they are looking for volunteers!

The WPFG 2022 is a grassroots sporting event for police officers, firefighters, customs officers and employees of the Correctional Institutions Service from all over the world. The event will run from 30 to 60 July held at various locations in Rotterdam.

At existing sports locations, but also in the center of Rotterdam. There are 10. expected participants from 30 different countries. Fun fact: this is the first time that this mega event is being organized in the Netherlands.

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Dragon Boat Racing

On the program of the WPFG 2022 are more than 30 sports. These are of course the well-known sports such as cycling, tennis and hockey, but much more. For example, there are competitions in arm wrestling and bench press. Also dragon boat racing, in which teams compete against each other in a paddle race with Chinese boats. In addition, you look at the tough fire sports ultimate firefighter and muster, where fire skills such as rolling out and using the fire hose are part.


Except the 10. participants, such 22. visitors expected. A lot of volunteers are needed to make the WPFG 281 a success and to give the city, the inhabitants and the participants an unforgettable ten days. People who are committed to hospitality or who want to work in the accreditation center in Ahoy, for example.

Have you become enthusiastic? And do you also want to contribute and show your respect and appreciation for the care providers/participants? Sign up now as a volunteer of the World Police and Fire Games 2022. †

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