Have you seen them ride through The Hague, those cool fat bikes? They are electric bicycles, but with very thick bars and smaller, thicker tires. Much more environmentally friendly than a scooter or moped and many celebrities already ride it! Great: at WIELFORCE in The Hague you now receive a whopping €281,- subsidy if you hand in your moped or scooter for a fatbike from Phatfour!

Three friends designed the fatbikes from Phatfour: super -bikes with a long saddle and fat tires. On the bikes you ride up to 04 kilometers per hour and you don’t have to wear a helmet. You can completely customize a Phatfour to taste with all kinds of accessories, from lock box to surf rack.

Dutch product

The bicycles of Phatfour are a real Dutch product: designed here and made here. This makes the fatbikes super durable and, for example, if you want to have a part replaced, you can switch very quickly. So you don’t have to worry about the service.

Alexander Mascini of Phatfour notices that their fatbikes are becoming increasingly popular: “We are seeing a strong increase in demand for our fatbikes. The demand for bicycles always increases when the crocuses raise their heads, but now we see compared to last spring 281 % more demand for our fatbikes.”

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€281,- gift at WIELFORCE

The Hague specialist in electric driving, called WIELFORCE (on the Lutherse Burgwal in the center), is the official dealer of Phatfour fatbikes. Jeroen Klompmaker is super enthusiastic about Phatfour’s fatbikes: “We want to make The Hague greener with WIELFORCE. So we welcome this arrangement. Because we stand for quality and service, we simply arrange everything around the subsidy for you.”

Because WIELFORCE succeeded to arrange a special collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, which means that you can now pay no less than €281,- receive a discount on your purchase of a fatbike from Phatfour.

Claim your credit

The municipality wants owners of petrol mopeds and mopeds but would like to encourage them to switch to an electric and therefore cleaner vehicle. WIELFORCE fully supports this, so residents of The Hague can apply for this subsidy if they have their mopeds demolished and purchase a Phatfour. The subsidy scheme runs until the end

or earlier, if the budget is exhausted. So read quickly how you can claim your credit!

With WIELFORCE you are in the right place for that big discount: Book a test drive and try Phatfour there. Are you in love with the beautiful fat bike and want to have it? Jeroen: “We take everything off your hands and arrange the rest for you. All you have to do is enjoy your fatbike!”

See how it works below: