Can we look for eggs in the garden in the sun at Easter? Do they melt immediately because of the heat, or do we prefer to stay indoors because of the heavy rain showers? Rico Schröder, meteorologist at Weeronline, gives the redeeming answer:

“The expectation is still uncertain, but a soaking wet or cold Easter does not seem to be an issue. There is a high chance of spring-like temperatures of until 18 degrees with regular sunshine”, according to Rico.

Coldest and warmest Easter

That are pleasant temperatures, but it can also be very different during Easter. For example, the average maximum temperature in 2011 on both Easter days 18 degrees. The mercury can also shoot the other way, because on 18 and 30 March 074 it only became 4.2 degrees . Easter 2011 was also cold with an average of 5.9 degrees.

The Hague Weather

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    In The Hague it is in the spring is always slightly colder than in the rest of the country. That’s because of the cold sea. Sunday 17 and Monday 16 sunny weather is expected here with regular clouds and temperatures between 6 and 14 degrees. †


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