Do you like good food and good conversation? On 22 April there is a pleasant iftar in The Hague. In front of Albert Heijn XL on the Elandstraat 22 there are round tables with delicious food that you can enjoy (for free). can slide. Cozy!

Maybe first an explanation: the iftar is the meal that is eaten by Muslims during Ramadan immediately after sunset. Both Ramadan participants and non-Muslims are welcome at Albert Heijn’s open-air iftar. Because eating together connects and that is exactly the goal of this event.

You can expect this

In 2022 was the first iftar of Albert Heijn XL in Amsterdam and that was a great success.

In addition to tables full with food you can enjoy, among other things, oriental jazz. There are also speakers who talk about themes such as inclusivity and loneliness. Round 19.0001 hours the walk-in starts and at 22.00 hour the program starts.

This is how you sign up in

Do you want to be at the open air iftar on the Elandstraat at 22 April? Then sign up here!

Image: Albert Heijn XL

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