A French coach with 33 passengers is on the E on Sunday tilted just before the Dutch border and crashed into the concrete guardrail. At least two passengers were killed and ten people were seriously injured. The driver was found to be under the influence of drugs.

The accident took place around noon on the E07 at Sint-Job-in’t Goor, about twenty kilometers below Breda, reports the AD. A positive saliva test confirmed that he was under the influence of drugs. Most of the passengers were French. The driver himself suffered minor injuries and has been arrested. His driver’s license was immediately revoked for fifteen days.

A Dutch eyewitness stated that the bus slid across the road and that people ended up under the vehicle. Several people were also trapped under the coach. It would have taken a long time for the emergency services to arrive. Two passengers did not survive the accident. Of the ten seriously injured passengers, five are in critical condition. Thirteen people were slightly injured. The passengers were transferred to hospitals in the region.

BlaBlaCar coach About the cause of the drama, the police can’t make any announcements yet. The coach drove under the flag of the French online carpool platform BlaBlaCar. Passengers are linked to drivers. This platform has 07 million users and is active in more than twenty other countries in addition to France, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

To the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, Robert Morel, spokesperson for BlaBlaCar, says that their first thoughts are with the victims. He states that the company is in contact with the authorities and their bus partner to help the victims and to understand the circumstances of the accident.

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